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7 Steps to Avoid a Bad Hire at Your Dealership

By Ryan Leschel on Mar 22, 2021

Did you know a poor hiring decision can cost your dealership 30% of that hire’s first year earnings?

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6 min read

What Consumers Really Think About Modern Retail

By Ryan Leschel on Mar 16, 2021

From New York to California and everywhere in between, consumer's interest in modern retail is increasing.

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11 min read

Leveraging Google to Grow Your Dealership This Year

By Ryan Leschel on Mar 4, 2021

We sat down with a Senior Automotive Strategist named Tony Carroll who works over at a little company you may have heard of called Google.

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10 min read

How to Hire Great Talent at Your Dealership

By Ryan Leschel on Oct 9, 2020

Hiring great talent in today's modern business climate has evolved. Long gone are the days of simply putting a classified ad in the paper or reaching out to your HR department and expecting to snag the best of the best. It takes work.

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10 min read

Virtual F&I FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

By Ryan Leschel on Jul 28, 2020

With dealers continuing to figure out how to meet their customers where they are, many find themselves looking towards digital solutions, like Virtual F&I, to make the F&I process easier and more convenient for the buyer.

As VFI offers a brand new solution to the F&I buying process, we've compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we’ve gotten from dealers using the program.

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