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What’s the “Next Big Thing” in the Auto Industry?

By Amanda Pliskow on Feb 20, 2020

Ah, the elusive question. It’s the eternal elephant in the room - the Next. Big. Thing. Analysts, researchers, industry pros and change leaders all try to pinpoint what it is and tell us how to prepare for it.

You probably came to this blog looking for an answer. And I have one for you, but it’s probably not what you expected to find. It’s better.

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8 min read

E-Commerce Tips for the Automotive Industry

By Amanda Pliskow on Dec 18, 2019

Let’s face it, the auto industry has experienced a major shake up over the past few decades. 

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Follow These Best Practices in Your Automobile Dealership

By Amanda Pliskow on Nov 25, 2019

Today’s auto industry is fiercely competitive, and car dealerships of all sizes sometimes struggle to maintain a foothold in their local markets. The rise of digital retail has put a lot of pressure on dealers to modernize their internal operations, streamline their path to purchase and offer more personalized customer experiences - but adapting hasn’t always been easy. 

Topics: Process
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2 min read

How Strong Leaders Build and Keep Their Dream Team

By Amanda Pliskow on Oct 17, 2019

There are a million books and articles to read about leadership, and it’s hard to know where to start or what will work for you. You can lean in, embody the seven habits, live by your emotional intelligence score or follow another philosophy. But I’m sure you’ll agree auto dealerships are a very specific animal...

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Building Trust in the Service Drive - 3 Easy Tips

By Amanda Pliskow on Aug 28, 2019

What if I said you were only minutes away from increased sales and improved customer relationships?

Too good to be true? Maybe so, but those few precious minutes with each customer can make that a reality, and it all happens in your service drive.

Topics: Service
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